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Stop Stressing About What Your Baby Eats

Nourish your baby towards a healthy future with us

Hello! I'm Jana Pitcock, proud Lead Dietitian of the MyOr network of expert dietitians. 

My journey into prenatal and infant nutrition began with a simple belief: Every parent and child deserves access to personalized, compassionate dietary guidance.
Our dietitians make that belief a reality, supporting you through every step of your family’s nutritional journey.


Personalized Dietary Guidance for You and Your Little One

Pregnant woman holding her belly and smiling

Comprehensive Maternal Nutrition

Our team is dedicated to providing you not only with professional advice, but with a judgement-free space and practical, realistic support for the months and years ahead. Whether you'd like to discuss fertility, weight gain, food aversions or any other dietary need, we're here for you!

New mother breastfeeding her baby

Dedicated Pediatric Nutritional Care

As dietitians — and as parents — we know the concerns that come with managing your child’s diet, especially when it comes to lactation, formula feeding, introducing solids and fussy eating. We make it easier for you to navigate these important stages. 


Innovative Food Allergy Prevention

We implement MyOr's groundbreaking food allergy prevention program - before they develop! Through our advanced AI and evidence-based curriculum, we are your partner in parenthood, keeping your baby allergy-free!


Most Patients Pay No Out-of-Pocket Fees

Consultations are covered by most insurance plans. We’ll verify your benefits before you start just to make sure!

Accepts Humana Insurance
Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Insurance
Accepts United Healthcare (UHC) Insurance

Our Specialties

Our team of professionally trained registered dietitians specialize in helping you and your little one maximize health. We support your journey with:


A New Era of Allergy Prevention

Predict Your Baby's Risk for Food Allergy and Eczema, Before Symptoms Develop!

With the MyorCare platform, we’re turning the tide on food allergies. Through our 3-minute clinically validated survey, you can find out whether your baby is more likely to develop food allergies and eczema, before any symptoms, as early as pregnancy! This gives us a window of opportunity to prevent these conditions, ensuring your little ones are protected.

Explore this innovative technology with us, and learn how we can help mitigate or even eliminate your child's food allergy risk together.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right dietitian for your family is crucial. With our network of food allergy dietitians, you get more than just a healthcare provider; you get a partner who is invested in your child’s health and well-being. 

We offer a proactive evidence-based approach to nutrition and allergy prevention, personalized to meet your family’s specific needs - usually at no cost to you!

Ready to Start Your Journey?

We're here to guide you towards a healthier future for your family, free from the worries
of food allergies and nutritional challenges. 

Let’s connect and begin this journey together.

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